AIS Business Rules

AIS Business Rules in Queensland (Creative Commons)

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1. Terms and Abbreviations

  • Define key terms used throughout the document, like "AIS," "RWC," and "qualified examiner."

2. Introduction

  • Briefly explain the purpose of AIS business rules and their importance for road safety.

3. AIS Responsibilities

  • List the specific duties and obligations of AIS operators, including:
    • Maintaining a dedicated and suitable inspection area.
    • Ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
    • Utilizing qualified examiners and required equipment.
    • Displaying proper signage at the premises.

4. Record Keeping

  • Outline the recordkeeping requirements for AIS, such as:
    • Details of conducted inspections and issued RWCs.
    • Maintenance records for inspection equipment.
    • Staff training records for qualified examiners.

5. AIS Inspections in Exempt Areas

  • Explain any specific procedures or limitations for conducting inspections in exempt areas (if applicable).

6. Multi-Listing AIS Requirements

  • Outline additional requirements for AIS operating under multiple listings or locations.

7. Additional Points

  • Briefly list other essential details from the business rules:
    • Entry by authorized officers for inspections or audits.
    • Required equipment for conducting roadworthy inspections.


Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995


AIS Responsibilities

Record Keeping

AIS Inspections in Exempt Areas

Multi-Listing AIS Requirements




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