Pre-purchase car inspections From $279

Pre-purchase car inspections

Don't Buy Blind! Get a Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspection for Peace of Mind

Worried about buying a used car with hidden problems? Minimize your risk with a thorough pre-purchase inspection from Ausmec Mobile RWC & Mechanics. Our detailed safety check and mechanical inspection go beyond a simple test drive, giving you a clear picture of the vehicle's condition.

What We Inspect:

  • Interior: We meticulously examine the seats, seatbelts, interior trim, radio, air conditioning, window washers and wipers, door operation, and window functionality. We also check for any malfunctioning warning lights on the engine dashboard.

  • Exterior: Our inspection covers rust, paintwork, any visible body repairs, mirrors and glass, sunroof operation (if applicable), aerial functionality, underbody parts (including suspension components front and rear), steering components, exhaust system, differential, and driveshafts.

  • Tires and Wheels: We assess the condition of the tires, rims, and the spare wheel. We also check the brake hoses, calipers, cylinders, pads, rotors, drums, parking brake, and wheel bearings for signs of wear and tear.

  • Road Test: We take the vehicle for a test drive to evaluate its starting ease, engine noise, road noises, engine performance, emissions/smoke, gearbox functionality (including 4x4 systems if applicable), steering and suspension responsiveness, cruise control operation (if applicable), and overall braking performance.

  • Engine and Engine Bay: Our mechanics listen for any unusual engine noises and check fluid levels, leaks, hoses, pipes, caps, water pump, radiator fan, engine mounts, battery health, drive belts, and camshaft belt (if applicable).

  • Service and Maintenance: We review the vehicle's service logbook to verify the date of the last service and recommend when the next service is due.

Benefits of a Pre-Purchase Inspection:

  • Avoid costly repairs: Identify and address potential issues before you buy the car, saving you money in the long run.
  • Informed decision-making: Gain valuable insights into the vehicle's condition, allowing you to negotiate a fair price or walk away confidently if necessary.
  • Peace of mind: Ensure you're not buying a lemon with a hidden history of problems.

Contact Ausmec Mobile RWC & Mechanics today to schedule your pre-purchase inspection and get the peace of mind you deserve!


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