Windscreen and glazing

Windscreen and glazing : Ensuring Clarity and Structural Integrity

During a roadworthy inspection, Ausmec examiners meticulously assess windscreens and glazing with these three safety considerations in mind:

  1. Operator Safety: A clear and properly secured windscreen allows the driver or rider unobstructed visibility of the road, minimizing the risk of accidents.
  2. Public Safety for Occupants: In the event of a collision, a structurally sound windscreen and glazing system helps protect occupants from debris and minimizes the risk of ejection.
  3. Environmental Impact: Compliance with regulations ensures the windscreen and glazing materials meet environmental safety standards.

By thoroughly examining these areas, Ausmec examiners guarantee that windscreens and glazing contribute to a safe driving experience for everyone while adhering to environmental regulations.

Boxes to Tick as set out by the Queensland Light Vehicle Inspection Manual Page 13 and 14

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