Wheels and Tyres

Wheels & Tyres: Maintaining Control and Safety

During a roadworthy inspection, Ausmec examiners pay close attention to wheels and tyres, prioritizing these three safety levels:

  1. Operator Safety: Proper tyre inflation, adequate tread depth, and secure wheel attachment provide optimal control over the vehicle for the driver or rider, especially during maneuvers or sudden braking.
  2. Public Safety for Occupants: Worn-out tyres or damaged wheels can lead to tire blowouts or loss of control, endangering the occupants of the vehicle and surrounding road users.
  3. Environmental Impact: Excessive tyre wear or improper disposal can contribute to environmental pollution. Inspectors ensure tyres meet minimum tread depth requirements and are not nearing the end of their lifespan.

By meticulously examining these areas, Ausmec examiners ensure wheels and tyres contribute to safe vehicle control, minimize the risk of accidents for everyone on the road, and prioritize environmental responsibility.

This Roadworthy rules can be found on pages 28 to 31 of the Queensland Light Vehicle Inspection Manual

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