Safety Certificate From $110

A mobile safety certificate inspection at your location if  you are located in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast.

This inspection covers the basic vehicle safety standards for many components including:

  • tyres
  • brakes
  • steering
  • suspension
  • body rust or damage
  • windscreen
  • lights.

The Vehicle Inspection Guidelines explain how a safety certificate inspection is performed and the reasons a  vehicle may fail an inspection.

A safety certificate inspection is not a comprehensive mechanical inspection on the quality, or life  expectancy of a vehicle. If you are buying a used vehicle, you should contact a motoring group or Ausmec for a full mechanical inspection.

The Roadworthy inspection fee is charged whether the vehicle passes or fails. If the vehicle fails the inspection you will have 14 days to make the necessary repairs. We charge from $55 depending on location to reinspect the vehicle, but waive this fee if repairs are done with us.