Brakes: Stopping Power for Everyone's Safety

When inspecting brakes, Ausmec examiners prioritize three critical safety aspects:

  1. Operator Safety: Effective brakes allow the driver or rider to control the vehicle's speed and come to a safe stop in various conditions, minimizing accident risks.
  2. Public Safety for Occupants: data-mce-fragment="1"> Functional brakes ensure the vehicle can stop safely, protecting other road users and pedestrians from potential collisions.
  3. Environmental Impact: Properly functioning brakes minimize wear and tear, reducing the release of harmful dust particles into the environment.

By meticulously checking brakes, Ausmec examiners guarantee a safe driving experience for everyone and contribute to a cleaner environment.

The above Roadworthy rules regarding brakes can be found on pages 31 to 37 of the Queensland Light Vehicle Inspection Manual

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