Modifications: Ensuring Safety Through Compliance

Ausmec examiners pay close attention to any modifications made to your vehicle. Their primary concern aligns with the following three safety principles:

  1. Operator Safety: Unauthorized or poorly executed modifications can compromise the vehicle's handling, braking, or overall control. Examiners ensure modifications don't hinder the driver or rider's ability to operate the vehicle safely.
  2. Public Safety for Occupants: Certain modifications, if not done correctly, can pose a risk to passengers in the event of a collision. The inspection verifies modifications haven't weakened the vehicle's structure or compromised safety features like airbags.
  3. Environmental Impact: Some modifications might alter the vehicle's emissions output. Examiners check for modifications that comply with regulations and don't contribute to environmental harm.

By carefully scrutinizing modifications, Ausmec examiners guarantee they don't compromise safety for the driver, passengers, or the environment.

Roadworthy modification rules pages 44 of the Queensland Light Vehicle Inspection Manual

Also cosidder the foolowing bulitin - Queensland Road Vehicle Modification Handbook

Modifications - Minor Modifications 

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