Multi-Listing AIS Requirements

Multi-Listing AIS Requirements in Queensland

The ability to operate as a multi-listed Approved Inspection Station (AIS) in Queensland offers convenience for businesses with multiple locations. However, specific requirements outlined in the Business Rules for Approved Inspection Stations (the Rules) ensure consistency and compliance across all listed locations. Here's an in-depth explanation based on the Rules and relevant legislation:


Multi-listing Requirements (as per the Rules):

  1. Eligibility: Only AIS approval holders with the same legal entity name across all locations can apply for multi-listing ([Rules], Section 42). This ensures a single entity is responsible for maintaining standards across all locations.

  2. Application Process: To become a multi-listed AIS, you must submit an application to the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) outlining the additional locations ([Rules], Section 42).

  3. Qualified Examiners: All listed locations must have access to a sufficient number of qualified examiners to conduct inspections ([Rules], Section 12). While examiners can move between locations, their qualifications and experience remain crucial for consistent and thorough inspections.

  4. Record Keeping: AIS with multiple locations must maintain comprehensive records for each location, including details of inspections, issued RWCs, and equipment maintenance ([Rules], Section 22). This allows TMR to monitor compliance and conduct audits at any listed location.

  5. Signage: Each listed location must display the required signage identifying the facility as an approved inspection station ([Rules], Section 19). This ensures transparency and informs customers about the services offered.

Benefits of Multi-listing:

  • Flexibility: Allows businesses to offer roadworthy inspections at multiple locations, potentially reaching a wider customer base.
  • Resource Optimization: Qualified examiners can be shared between locations based on demand, potentially improving efficiency.

Important Note: It's recommended to consult the latest version of the Business Rules for Approved Inspection Stations available on the TMR website ( for the most up-to-date information on multi-listing requirements.

By adhering to these regulations, multi-listed AIS operators contribute to a safe and reliable roadworthiness inspection system in Queensland

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