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Ensuring Clear Vision: Rearview Mirror Regulations for Motorcycles at Ausmec Mobile RWC and Mechanics

At Ausmec Mobile RWC and Mechanics, we understand the importance of maintaining clear visibility while riding your motorcycle. Properly functioning rearview mirrors are essential for safe lane changes, overtaking maneuvers, and keeping an eye on following traffic. Here's a breakdown of Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) regulations ( regarding rearview mirrors on motorcycles:

Minimum Mirror Requirements:

  • Pre-1975 Motorcycles: At least one mirror must be mounted on the right handlebar.
  • 1975 and Later Motorcycles: Two mirrors are required, one on each handlebar, for a wider field of view.

Mirror Placement and Visibility:

Mirrors must be positioned and adjusted so you can clearly see the road behind your motorcycle and any following or overtaking vehicles in your reflection. This ensures you can make informed decisions while riding and avoid potential hazards.

Mirror Types and Sizes:

  • Flat Mirrors: These mirrors offer a more accurate representation of size and distance. Since 1991, motorcycles must have flat mirrors with a minimum reflective area of 80cm².
  • Convex Mirrors: These mirrors provide a wider viewing angle but can distort size and distance perception. They must have a minimum reflective area of 64.5cm² and a minimum radius of curvature of 1200mm (both mirrors must have the same curvature).

Additional Considerations:

  • Wide-Angle or Blind Spot Mirrors: While not mandatory, these additional mirrors can enhance your rear visibility, especially for motorcycles with limited mirror placement options. There are no minimum size requirements for these additional mirrors, but they often have a smaller radius of curvature than convex mirrors.

How Ausmec Mobile RWC and Mechanics Can Help:

Our team of experienced mechanics can assist you with various aspects of your motorcycle's rearview mirrors:

  • Mirror Inspection and Adjustment: We can ensure your mirrors are securely mounted, properly adjusted, and offer optimal visibility.
  • Mirror Replacement: If your mirrors are damaged, outdated, or don't meet TMR regulations, we can help you select and install compliant replacements.
  • Consultation on Additional Mirrors: Considering adding wide-angle or blind spot mirrors? We can advise on suitable options for your motorcycle model.

Safety Through Visibility:

At Ausmec Mobile RWC and Mechanics, your safety is our primary concern. Proper rearview mirrors are crucial for safe motorcycle operation. We can help you ensure your motorcycle complies with TMR regulations and provide you with a clear view of the road behind you for a confident and enjoyable ride.

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