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Keeping it Visible: Number Plate Regulations for Motorcycles at Ausmec Mobile RWC & Mechanics

At Ausmec Mobile RWC & Mechanics, we understand the importance of proper motorcycle registration and identification. A clear and visible number plate ensures you comply with legal requirements and allows for easy identification by authorities. Here's a breakdown of key Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) regulations ( regarding number plates on motorcycles:

Number Plate Mounting and Placement:

  • Secure and Upright Position: The number plate issued for your motorcycle must be permanently attached in an upright position, parallel to the motorcycle's axles. This ensures optimal visibility from various angles.
  • Height Restriction: The number plate's bottom edge must be no more than 1.3 meters above the ground level when the motorcycle is on level ground.

Number Plate Visibility:

  • Clear Visibility from a Distance: The characters on your number plate must be clearly visible from 20 meters away within a specific range:
    • 45 degrees above the horizontal plane of the number plate
    • 45 degrees to either side of the motorcycle

Illustration showing the allowable numberplate viewing angle

Number Plate Covers (if used):

  • Material and Design Requirements: Any cover used on your motorcycle's number plate must be:
    • Completely clear, clean, and untinted
    • Flat across its entire surface
  • Restrictions on Covers: Number plate covers must not have any reflective properties or other characteristics that could hinder:
    • The proper functioning of traffic camera systems
    • The legibility of the number plate characters from the required distances and angles

Overall Number Plate Condition:

  • Legibility is Paramount: The number plate itself must be in a clearly legible condition, free from dirt, damage, or any obscuring elements. This ensures it remains easily readable from all designated viewpoints.

How Ausmec Mobile RWC & Mechanics Can Help:

Our team of experienced mechanics can assist you with various aspects of your motorcycle's number plate:

  • Number Plate Inspection: During your motorcycle service, we will inspect your number plate for secure mounting, proper positioning, and overall legibility.
  • Number Plate Cover Assessment: If you use a number plate cover, we can ensure it complies with TMR regulations regarding material, design, and potential visibility issues.
  • Replacement Number Plate Guidance: In case your number plate is damaged, stolen, or illegible, we can advise you on the process of obtaining a replacement plate from the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Ride Legally, Ride Safely:

At Ausmec Mobile RWC & Mechanics, we prioritize your legal compliance and safety on the road. A properly displayed and visible number plate is essential for both. Let our team help you ensure your motorcycle's number plate meets TMR regulations and allows for clear identification during your rides.

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