Motorcycle Roadworthy and Headlights

Illuminating the Road Safely: Headlight Regulations for Motorcycles at Ausmec Mobile RWC & Mechanics

At Ausmec Mobile RWC & Mechanics, we understand the importance of clear visibility while riding your motorcycle, especially during low-light conditions. Proper functioning headlights are essential for seeing the road ahead and ensuring you're visible to other motorists. Here's a breakdown of key Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) regulations ( regarding headlights on motorcycles:

Number of Headlights:

  • Minimum Requirement: All motorcycles must have at least one functioning headlight.
  • Additional Headlights: Up to four additional headlights can be legally installed on your motorcycle, enhancing your visibility on the road.

Headlight Modulation Systems:

  • Daytime Visibility: Some motorcycles feature headlight modulation systems that automatically vary the headlight brightness at a rate of 200 to 280 flashes per minute. These systems are designed to improve your motorcycle's daytime visibility for other motorists.

Headlight Compliance and Upgrades:

  • ADR 19 Compliance: Motorcycles manufactured after October 1, 1991, must have headlights that comply with Australian Design Rule (ADR) 19. This regulation ensures headlights meet specific performance and safety standards.
  • Retrofitting HID or LED Bulbs: Simply replacing your motorcycle's original headlight bulb with a High Intensity Discharge (HID) or Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulb is generally not compliant with ADRs. The design of the headlight reflector might not be compatible with these bulbs, leading to improper light focus.

Upgrading to HID or LED Headlights:

  • Compliant Headlight Assemblies: If you'd like to upgrade to HID or LED headlights, you can replace the entire headlight assembly (including bulb, lens, and housing) with a unit that complies with relevant ADRs. This ensures proper light focus and adherence to regulations.

How Ausmec Mobile RWC & Mechanics Can Help:

Our team of experienced mechanics can assist you with various aspects of your motorcycle's headlights:

  • Headlight Inspection: During your motorcycle service, we will inspect your headlight for proper function, alignment, and bulb condition.
  • Headlight Bulb Replacement: If your headlight bulb needs replacing, we can recommend and install a high-quality bulb that meets your motorcycle's specifications.
  • Headlight Upgrade Consultation: Considering upgrading your headlight system to HID or LED? We can advise on compliant options and ensure proper installation for optimal performance and roadworthiness.

Ride Brightly, Ride Safely:

At Ausmec Mobile RWC & Mechanics, your safety is our top priority. Properly functioning headlights are crucial for nighttime visibility and ensuring a safe riding experience. Let our team help you ensure your motorcycle's headlights comply with regulations and illuminate the road for confident nighttime rides.

Contact us today to schedule your motorcycle service or discuss your headlight upgrade options!

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